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Juniper Networks Steel-Belted Radius Carrier
SBR Server


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Steel-Belted Radius Carrier Overview:

As demand and ubiquity for IP connectivity increases, service providers recognize that they must not only offer a wide range of wired and wireless access services but to efficiently manage and leverage these integrated services, they must also unify their service layer into a single infrastructure capable of handling the volume and complexity of AAA requirements across all access services.

Juniper Networks Steel-Belted Radius Carrier is a comprehensive, scalable, and extensible AAA server that delivers the access control, fine grain service authorization, service delivery, and accounting functionality that is required, along with the performance and reliability needed by wired, wireless, and unified service providers offering integrated access services.

Juniper Networks Steel-Belted Radius Carrier is a high-performance AAA server that enables wireless and fixed line operators to gain control over the way subscribers access their networks. It significantly enhances the security and manageability of any network by centralizing user authentication, delivering the appropriate level of access, and ensuring compliance with security policies. It also has the performance and reliability to scale to any traffic load.

SBR Carrier enables you to provide efficient and secure network access, offer differentiated services, participate in new revenue models, and manage network resources. Whatever type of network access you provide, whether it is wireless or wired, second generation (2G) or third generation (3G), or new wireless network access technologies such as WiMAX or femtocell, SBR Carrier sits at the core of your service delivery and customer care infrastructure—authenticating subscribers to the network, authorizing the appropriate level of service delivery, and reliably delivering accounting data to your billing system.

SBR Carrier can fully adapt to your subscriber management infrastructure. It readily integrates with existing subscriber management systems like LDAP, SQL, Home Location Register (HLR), and public key infrastructure (PKI) data bases, making it easy to deploy in either new or existing networks. This allows you to centrally manage the authentication of all subscribers so that you can deliver the appropriate level of service to each, regardless of the method used to connect to the network. SBR Carrier enables flexible and powerful integration with authentication databases, and can interface with your subscriber management system—however you’ve chosen to organize it—to ensure proper authentication and billing for all subscribers. And, SBR Carrier provides flexibility and highly reliable accounting capabilities, ensuring delivery of all accounting data to your billing systems and other base station subsystem (BSS) operations support systems (OSS) elements, allowing you and your partners to bill for usage-based and premium services.

SBR Carrier also allows you to meet stringent uptime requirements. It includes state-of-the-art reliability features that include load balancing and redundancy across your authentication and accounting systems. It also offers complete scalability and the ability to handle thousands of RADIUS requests per second on suitable hardware, to easily accommodate the busiest of networks.

Juniper Networks SBR Series Steel-Belted Radius Servers have market-proven reliability, having been successfully deployed in more than 120 wired and wireless service provider networks over the last 10 years.

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