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Juniper Networks PTX10008
Compact core routers optimized for next-generation data centers and collocation providers.

Juniper Networks PTX10008

Juniper Networks Products
PTX10008 Compact core routers
Juniper Networks PTX10008
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Core networks must be able to handle exponential data growth and changing traffic patterns as applications move to clouds and data centers. Internet exchange providers, collocation facilities, and service providers of all types seek platforms that can evolve quickly to meet these changes while lowering operational costs. The PTX10008 and PTX10016 are next-generation, cloudoptimized modular routers that redefines per-slot economics, enabling customers to do more with less while simplifying network design and reducing OpEx. The chassis family shares a common set of components, while various line cards are available to satisfy specific core, edge routing, and switching applications.

Product Description

Network traffic today is predominately cloud access, mobile, and video applications. Data center and network operators must provide connectivity services that are low latency, low delay, and with video, provide consistent packet delay variation. The pace of application change, and the speed at which devices can process data, mean operators must be able to upgrade quickly as needs arise. Operators must have the flexibility to offer new services, adjust performance, or explore new opportunities quickly, with confidence that the new services will have sufficient capacity to sustain exponential growth.

In order to address these challenges, service providers need a core router that delivers scale, operational efficiency, and SDN programmability. Juniper Networks® PTX Series Packet Transport Routers offer the industry’s only core router that exceeds these requirements while easily fitting into both cloud- and service-provider networks, providing support for full peering, MPLS, and IP core routing

PTX10000 router deployment

PTX10000 Modular Packet Transport Routers

The Juniper Networks PTX10000 line of modular Packet Transport Routers brings physical and virtual innovations to the service provider core network. These next-generation routers help network operators achieve their business goals while effectively handling current and future traffic demands.

Innovations in the core silicon enable the PTX10000 modular routers to lower operational expenses. The PTX10000 line is powered by the highly scalable custom Juniper Triton silicon, providing consistently low latency, 256 AES Media Access Control Security (MACsec) encryption, and wire-rate packet performance for both IP traffic and MPLS transport without sacrificing the optimized system power profile.

These concepts, along with full IP routing functionality, are at the center of the PTX10000 modular chassis design, preserving the spirit of the original Junos Express and ExpressPlus silicon. Juniper Triton silicon is the first purpose-built telecommunications silicon to build a 3D memory architecture into the base design, supporting 256 AES MACsec encryption on all ports, performing more than 1.6 billion filter operations per second, and providing dynamic table memory allocation for massive IP routing scale while at the same time providing tremendous power efficiency gains. The ability to address a provider’s core networking requirements—scale, operational flexibility, and SDN control—begins with the silicon. With the PTX10000 line, operators can now deploy a core architecture with SDN control. Combining Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller, with a robust full-featured Internet backbone router, and a regional IP/MPLS core router with integrated 100GbE coherent transport for superior performance, operators can tune their network infrastructure through proactive monitoring and what-if planning capabilities. The NorthStar Controller dynamically creates explicit routing paths using a global view based on user-defined constraints.

Scale is one of the guiding design principles for the PTX10000 modular routers, empowering service providers with the ability to handle increased traffic demands smoothly. The PTX10000 line simplifies network engineering challenges with predictable system latency, improving the overall service experience by delivering best-in-class resiliency to ensure service providers meet strict customer service-level agreements (SLAs).

Operational efficiency is another design attribute for the PTX10000 modular routers, focusing on power, space, and weight—fundamental concerns that affect service providers’ operational budgets. Juniper has designed the PTX10000 to fit the requirements of today’s data center facilities.

SDN programmability brings virtual innovations to the service provider core, while the NorthStar Controller offers an open, standards-based solution that optimizes both the IP layer and the transport layer with precise SDN control, allowing service providers to automate and scale their operations.

PTX10008 and PTX10016 Packet Transport Routers

Juniper Networks PTX10000 line of modular Packet Transport Routers features two models: the PTX10008 and the PTX10016. The PTX10008 is the perfect core router for today’s space-constrained facilities. It offers unprecedented system capacity in a 13 U platform that supports 115.2 Tbps per chassis or 345.6 Tbps per standard 19-inch telecommunications rack—all at wire speed. The PTX10016 is designed for higher capacity operations, offering ultra-high system capacity in a 21 U platform that supports 230.4 Tbps (460.8 Tbps half-duplex) per chassis or 460.8 Tbps (921.6 Tbps half-duplex) per standard 19-inch telecommunications rack.

Powered by Juniper’s custom Triton silicon, the PTX10008 delivers predictable IP/MPLS packet performance and functionality, eliminating the complex packet profiles found in elaborate, over engineered network processing units (NPUs) deployed in other core routers.

The PTX10008 has eight slots, each supporting 14.4 Tbps. A fully equipped PTX10008 can support 1,152 10GbE, 288 25GbE, 288 40GbE, 288 50GbE, 1152 100GbE, 576 200GbE, and 288 400GbE interfaces in a single chassis. The PTX10016 has 16 slots, each supporting 14.4 Tbps (28.8 Tbps half-duplex). A fully equipped PTX10016 can support 2,304 10GbE, 576 25GbE, 576 40GbE, 576 50GbE, 2304 100GbE, 1152 200GbE, and 576 400GbE interfaces in a single chassis. This enables service providers to build a core architecture that optimizes label-switching router (LSR), Internet backbone, peering, and optical convergence applications for small regional deployments. As a result, service providers can—for the first time—match traffic demand with optimized core router performance and flexible deployments. With its ultra-optimized and compact form factor, the PTX10008 is ideal for peering, collocation, and central office locations where space and power are at a premium.

PTX10000 Packet Transport Routers

PTX10000 Hardware Components

The key hardware components of PTX10000 line of modular Packet Transport Routers are the line cards and REs.

Line Cards

The line cards for the PTX10000 modular platforms are based on the highly scalable custom Juniper Triton silicon, making it the industry’s leading core router for MPLS, Internet backbone, peering, and transport integration applications. Each slot on the PTX10000 routers supports 14.4 Tbps (28.8 Tbps halfduplex), while the line cards support multirate 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 50GbE, 100GbE, 200GbE, and 400GbE interfaces, and 100 Gbps, 150 Gbps, and 200 Gbps DWDM interfaces. The line cards also support MACsec, which provides point-topoint security on Ethernet links between directly connected nodes. MACsec blocks security threats such as denial of service (DoS), intrusion, man-in-the-middle, masquerading, passive wiretapping, and playback attacks while securing links for most traffic frames from the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), and others.

The modular design of the PTX10000 line of routers provides investment protection by allowing future upgrades. The Packet Forwarding Engines (PFEs) offer 3.6 Tbps of WAN and fabric bandwidth. To achieve 14.4 Tbps forwarding performance, a total of six PFEs are implemented on each interface card. The PFEs provide ingress queuing with loopback stream optimization to avoid reading and writing packet tails when packets are sent to and received back from a loopback stream. The line cards also provide Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) support with per-port Ethernet OAM counters, as well as packet memory, which uses Hybrid Memory Cube DRAM technology to reduce power usage, increase speed, and improve system density.

Routing Engine/Control Board Complex

The RE and Control Board are combined on a single card. The RE is based on the Intel X86 architecture. Up to two REs can be installed in a PTX10000 modular chassis to provide 1+1 redundancy. The RE features a quad-core 2.5 GHz Intel processor with 32 GB memory and 2x50 GB solid-state drive (SSD) storage.


The PTX10000 modular routers contain six power supply slots to provide complete flexibility for provisioning and redundancy. Each power supply has its own internal fan for cooling. The PTX10000 line supports both AC and DC power supplies; however, AC and DC supplies cannot be mixed in the same chassis.

The AC supplies on the PTX10000 modular routers accept 200 to 240 volts alternating current (VAC) input, and they deliver 2700 watts of power to the chassis. The DC power supplies accept -40 to -72 volts direct current (VDC) input and deliver 2500 watts of power to the chassis. Each AC and DC power supply has two inputs for feed redundancy.


The PTX10000 line of modular routers supports front-to-back cooling with air drawn in through the perforations on the REs and the line cards in the front of the platform. The fan trays are in front of the fabric cards and are accessible from the rear of the chassis. Hot air exhausts through the rear of the chassis.

Chassis Management

The PTX10000 line delivers powerful Junos OS chassis management that allows environmental monitoring and fieldreplaceable unit (FRU) control. Chassis management provides a faster primary switchover, enhanced power budgeting with a modular power management, reduced power consumption for partially populated systems, granular control over FRU poweron, multizone cooling with better fan speed control for reduced noise, and CPU leveling during monitoring intervals.

Simplified Management

The PTX10000 line of modular routers simplifies management based on the elegance and simplicity of the Junos OS. Management applications can receive streaming telemetry data to provide robust protocol analytics for an SDN environment. Junos OS also supports OpenConfig, which today is a YANGbased data model that supports a variety of operator use cases.

PTX10008 Features and Benefits:

Feature Feature Description Benefit
System capacity The PTX10008 scales to 115.2 Tbps in a single chassis, breaking out into 1152 10GbE, 288 25GbE, 288 40GbE, 288 50GbE, 1152 100GbE, 576 200GbE, and 288 400GbE interfaces. The PTX10016 scales to 230.4 Tbps (460.8 Tbps half-duplex) in a single chassis, breaking out into 2304 10GbE, 576 25GbE, 576 40GbE, 576 50GbE, 2304 100GbE, 1152 200GbE, and 576 400GbE interfaces. The PTX10000 line of modular chassis gives service providers the performance and scalability needed to outpace increased traffic demands.
Packet performance The groundbreaking Juniper Triton silicon innovation empowers the PTX Series routers with unparalleled packet processing for both full IP and MPLS functionality, thereby leveraging revolutionary 3D memory architecture. Exceptional packet processing capabilities help alleviate the challenge of scaling the network as traffic continues to increase, while optimizing IP/MPLS transit functionality around superior performance and elegant deployability.
Full-scale IP and MPLS routing The PTX10000 line of modular routers features a rich set of IP/MPLS services, consistent low latency, and wire-rate forwarding at scale, while providing the reliability needed to meet strict SLAs. This delivers the distributed peering scale of 4 million forwarding information base (FIB) and 30 million routing information base (RIB) (also known as forwarding and routing tables, respectively), 3000 OSPF adjacencies, and 4000 BGP sessions required to match expanding traffic demands
Source Packet Routing in Networking (SPRING) Junos OS supports SPRING, which provides the ability for a trusted source node to specify a forwarding path, other than the normal shortest path, that a particular packet will traverse. This provides additional flexibility per packet source. It also adds features such as network path and node protection to support FRR mechanisms, enhanced network programmability, OAM functionality, simplified network signaling, load balancing, and traffic engineering functions.
High availability hardware The PTX10000 line of modular routers is engineered with full hardware redundancy for cooling, power supply, Routing Engines, and switch fabric. High availability (HA) is a critical requirement for service providers to maintain an always-on infrastructure base to meet stringent SLAs across the core.
High availability software The PTX10000 line of modular routers features a resilient operating system that supports HA features such as graceful RE switchover (GRES) and nonstop active routing (NSR) for high availability.
PTX Series routers support 48 ms redundancy switchover under load.
Junos OS supports HA features that allow software upgrades and changes without disrupting network traffic.

PTX10000 Modular Chassis Specifications:

Physical dimensions (W x H x D) 17.4 x 22.55 x 32 in.
(44.2 x 57.76 x 81.28 cm);
39.37 in. (100 cm) depth with EMI door
Maximum weight 493 lb (223.62 kg)
Mounting Front rack mount
Power system rating 200-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
-48 VDC @ 60 A
Typical power consumption 17.3 kW, fully loaded
Operating temperature 32° to 115° F (0° to 46° C) at sea level
Physical dimensions (W x H x D) 17.4 x 36.65 x 35 in (44.2 x 93.09 x 88.90 cm);
42.40 in (107.7 cm) depth with EMI door
Maximum weight 596 lb (270 kg)
Mounting Front rack mount
Power system rating 200-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
-48 VDC @ 60 A
Typical power consumption 34.6 kW, fully loaded
Operating temperature 32° to 115° F (0° to 46° C) at sea level


PTX10008 Front View
PTX10008 Front View
PTX10008 Left View
PTX10008 Left View
PTX10008 Right View
PTX10008 Right View

Juniper Networks Products
PTX10008 Compact core routers
Juniper Networks PTX10008
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