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Juniper Networks Contrail Security
Consistent policy enforcement for applications in any cloud environment


Contrail Security, a member of the Contrail product family, is a simple, open, fully distributed cloud security solution that allows users to protect applications running in any virtual environment. Policies based on known application attributes defined by tags, labels, and other grouping constructs can be universally applied in various environments without having to rewrite them every time.

Contrail Security further enhances the security framework by providing critical insights into traffic flows, establishing a new security paradigm that reduces the overall number of policies, simplifies enforcement, and provides greater visibility into—and manageability across— hybrid cloud environments.

Product Description

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and security administrators are faced with an ever-increasing list of threats to their applications, whether they are deployed in development, staging, production, or public cloud environments; running on bare-metal servers (BMS), on virtual machines (VMs), or within containers; or orchestrated by OpenStack, Kubernetes, or OpenShift. Workload mobility in modern cloud environments exacerbates the problem, adding a new level of difficulty for securing workloads that migrate frequently.

As a result, the network perimeter is now blurred, rendering traditional perimeter-based application security measures insufficient, inflexible, and extremely cumbersome and costly to manage. The current decentralized, distributed, and democratized application development model, spurred by the rise of containerized infrastructure and the availability of cloud infrastructure, both public and on-premise, demands a similarly democratized and agile solution for securing the applications themselves. Developers must be able to express their application security requirements, while security administrators must be empowered to overlay those requirements with additional rules and policies transparent to the developers.

Juniper Contrail Security introduces a new paradigm for expressing, enforcing, and visualizing security rules and policies. Working with various cloud orchestration platforms such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, and VMware, and integrating with L7 firewalls to provide a comprehensive security solution, Contrail Security leverages advanced analytics to provide deep insights into application security with easier diagnostics, rich reporting, custom application development, and machine automation.