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Juniper Networks Junos Space SDK
Create Your Own With SDN Tools


Application development has generally meant long, expensive development cycles, limited cross-application development leverage, and a network engineering-centric approach. This has forced developers to focus on costs, cycle times, and foundational code rather than innovative applications.

Juniper Networks Junos Space SDK is an open, network-centric application development toolkit explicitly designed to enable developers to use the information embedded in the network to create unique, differentiated applications quickly, easily, and economically, providing endless possibilities for network intelligence, such as:

  • Real-time policy management
  • Energy usage and tracking
  • Custom workflows
  • Network insight for business intelligence
  • Correlation of user subscribed services
  • Policy and QoS management

Product Description

Juniper Networks Junos Space SDK is the industry’s most complete developer toolkit specifically designed for easy creation of network-aware applications. Junos Space SDK enables developers to fully leverage network intelligence and services from the Junos Space Network Management Platform to develop differentiated applications. Building sophisticated workflow engines, core business logic, streamlined interfaces for operational tools or a new fully integrated Junos Space application is all possible with the Junos Space SDK.

Junos Space SDK is a developer toolkit that is part of Junos Space, a comprehensive network management solution that simplifies management of Juniper’s switching, routing, and security devices. With Junos Space, you can simplify and automate the network, improve network agility, and deliver new services quickly all from a single console. Junos Space is composed of the following three software elements:

  1. Junos Space Network Management Platform—Provides comprehensive FCAPS and element management of Juniper devices which improves operator efficiencies, providing a programmable interface and exposable APIs that enable the development and integration of 3rd party applications.
  2. Junos Space Management Applications—Plug-n-play, domain-specific applications to help you provision new services and optimize workflow tasks across thousands of Juniper devices
  3. Junos Space SDK (software development kit)—A programmable network solution that enables you to leverage the connections and intelligence embedded in the network to create customized management solutions for your specific needs