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Juniper Networks Care Software Advantage
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Juniper Networks Care Software Advantage


Juniper Care Software Advantage provides comprehensive maintenance support for your software applications:

  • Software Releases
  • 24x7 global support for all issues
  • Unlimited number of support requests
  • Options to escalate your cases at any time
  • Online support with access to tools, online forum, and Knowledge Base

Networking software has become increasingly important to the success of your business operation with the growing demand on mobile and cloudbased services. But to adequately protect and maximize your software investment requires an extensive support infrastructure to ensure software availability and reliability, and this presents increasing challenges with more advancing technologies and product innovations. Juniper Care Software Advantage can help you address these challenges and simplify your software operation.

Service Description

Juniper Care Software Advantage is designed to integrate software releases with comprehensive technical support to keep your critical software applications at optimal performance. At the same time, it increases your operational efficiency by leveraging Juniper’s industry-leading expertise. Juniper Care Software Advantage service covers Juniper software applications such as Juniper Networks® Junos® Space, edge software, security, SDN and wireless applications—all to help extend and enhance the lifetime of your software products.