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Juniper Networks JSA3800
Scalable Security Management for Medium-Sized to Large Companies

Juniper Networks JSA3800

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Juniper Networks JSA3800 Secure Analytics platform is an enterprise-class appliance that provides a scalable network security management solution for midsize to large companies, including globally deployed organizations. It is also the base platform for an enterprise-class scalable Secure Analytics solution.

JSA3800 enables collection and correlation of events and flows from Juniper and non-Juniper devices for visibility, reporting, and advanced threat detection across the entire infrastructure. It includes onboard event collection, correlation, and extensive reporting capabilities, and is expandable with additional JSA Series Secure Analytics appliances acting as event and flow collectors on a single appliance.

JSA3800 can be deployed as an all-in-one appliance or in a distributed setup as a dedicated event, flow, or combination processor. It can also be deployed as a store and forward event collector.

Product Description

The integrated approach of JSA Series Secure Analytics, used in conjunction with unparalleled data collection, analysis, correlation, and auditing capabilities, enables organizations to quickly and easily implement a corporate-wide security management program that delivers security best practices. These include superior log analytics with distributed log collection and centralized viewing; threat analytics that deliver realtime surveillance and detection information; and compliance management capabilities—all viewed and managed from a single console.

Juniper Networks JSA Series Secure Analytics combine, analyze, and manage an unparalleled set of surveillance data—network behavior, security events, vulnerability profiles, and threat information—to empower companies to efficiently manage business operations on their networks from a single console.

  • Log Analytics: JSA Series provides scalable log analytics by enabling distributed log collection across an organization, and a centralized view of the information.
  • Threat Analytics: JSA Series provides an advanced network security management solution that bridges the gap between network and security operations to deliver realtime surveillance and detect complex IT-based threats.
  • Compliance Management: JSA Series brings to enterprises, institutions, and agencies the accountability, transparency, and measurability that are critical factors to the success of any IT security program required to meet regulatory mandates.
  • Vulnerability Management: Deployed as a standalone solution or working in conjunction with Threat Analytics, JSA Series can function as a full-featured vulnerability scanner.
  • Risk Management: JSA Series helps security professionals stay ahead of advanced threats by proactively quantifying risks from vulnerabilities, configuration errors and anomalous network activity, preventing attacks that target high value assets and data.

With preinstalled software, a hardened operating system, and a web-based setup process, the JSA Series lets you get your network security up and running quickly and easily. The bottom line of the JSA Series is simple deployment, fast implementation, and improved security, at a low total cost of ownership.

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