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Juniper Networks Firefly Perimeter
Stateful Firewall in a Flexible Virtual Machine Format With Rich Connectivity Features Based on Juniper SRX Code

Juniper Networks Firefly Perimeter

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Network vulnerabilities are just as applicable in a virtualized data center as a traditional one. The virtual infrastructure also introduces new elements that require additional security considerations over and above those required to secure the physical data center. These new challenges demand solutions that integrate seamlessly into virtualized and cloud environments and can provide real-time security for virtual assets.

Firefly Perimeter addresses these aforementioned challenges by extending the capabilities of Juniper Network's award-winning security products to the virtual world, empowering administrators to dynamically deploy and scale firewall protection without compromising on performance, availability and control.

Juniper Networks Firefly Perimeter goes beyond traditional security appliances with a new virtual firewall that is delivered in a virtual machine (VM) form factor and based on Juniper's Junos operating system and SRX Series Services Gateway. Firefly Perimeter delivers scalable, available, and granular security with segmentation capabilities that create clear demarcation between departments, lines of business, user groups and application types as well as rich connectivity features like Network Address Translation (NAT), routing and VPN.

Firefly Perimeter operates deep within the virtualized fabric, offering layers of defense and secure connectivity with multilevel policy controls that safeguard dynamic changes in workloads, traffic and content allowing enterprises and services providers alike to deliver IT services to their internal and external customers securely and efficiently.