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Juniper Networks BTI7814
Optical transport technologies for high-bandwidth metro and DCI networking.

Juniper Networks BTI7814

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Product Overview:

The growth in bandwidth-intensive applications, coupled with the migration from local compute/ storage models to cloud-based services, is driving a need for more efficient converged network infrastructure solutions, enabling improved network utilization, simplified large-scale operations, and lower cost per Gbps. The BTI7800 line of packet optical transport systems supports large scale 10 Gbps, 100 Gbps, and 200 Gbps wavelength capacities in an open SDN platform. Leveraging a rich set of optical capabilities, including coherent modules with flexible client interfaces (Ethernet and TDM), the BTI7800 line helps network operators increase network capacity, reduce space/ power/cooling costs, improve network utilization, and simplify the deployment of high-value services.

Product Description

The Juniper Networks® BTI7800 line of packet optical transport systems leverages a modular, flexible, pay-as-you-grow architecture. At the heart of the BTI7800 are flexible Universal Forwarding Modules (UFMs), each capable of switching up to 400 Gbps. UFMs can be equipped with 10 Gbps, 100 Gbps, and 200 Gbps interfaces providing the flexibility to support a wide range of muxponder and transponder connectivity. Optimized for metro and regional networks, the BTI7800 devices support a broad range of interfaces, including 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps, 200 Gbps, OTU2, OTU4, OC-192/STM-64, and 8G/10G Fibre Channel.

The BTI7800 line is managed by the Juniper Networks proNX software, an SDN architected, high-performance network management and control platform with open APIs, Web GUI interfaces, and software-enabled networking.

Architecture and Key Components

The BTI7800 Packet Optical Transport Systems seamlessly integrate with Juniper Networks TCX1000 Programmable ROADM to increase the capacity of existing networks or roll out new 100 Gbps or 200 Gbps networks. A variety of blade options, including amplifiers, muxponders, and transponders, satisfy diverse capacity, span and reach requirements, while optimizing equipment expenses. The system automatically discovers all network nodes and modules, and automatically establishes intra-node and extra-node connections, eliminating manually intensive and error-prone configuration tasks to streamline operations.

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