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Juniper Networks ACX6160
Line of Universal Metro Routers

Juniper Networks ACX6000

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The ACX6000 line of Universal Metro Routers directly addresses evolving metro network architectures that extend operational intelligence from the service provider edge to the access network. The ACX6000 line bridges the complexity between packet optical transport and the IP/MPLS networking layer by collapsing both domains into a seamless, multilayer solution. From there, it delivers a single-pane-of-glass view into network operations.

The ACX6000 line is optimized for disaggregated and open-line architectures. It combines packet-optical convergence, 100GbE client interfaces, and 100/200 Gbps line-side interfaces to address a wide variety of use cases. Among these are business, cable Distributed Access Architectures (DAA), residential fiber, mobile backhaul, and enterprise applications.

The ACX6000 line comprises high-capacity, high-density, 1 U stackable platforms. It offers powerful options to enhance the performance, efficiency, and simplicity of any transport architecture.

Product Description

Juniper Networks® ACX6000 line of Universal Metro Routers responds to a shift in metro network architectures, where the access and aggregation layers are extending operational intelligence from the service provider edge to the access network. The ACX6000 line simplifies access and aggregation architectures by eliminating unnecessary layers and network overlays, dramatically reducing CapEx and OpEx. Based on architectural simplification and cost reduction, the ACX6000 line gives service providers and enterprises the ability to adopt a true universal metro paradigm. The ACX6000 line also provides high capacity, scalability, and a secure packet optical transport layer while delivering industry-leading performance with a wide range of port densities and interface types. Table 1 provides an overview of the interfaces supported on each model in the ACX6000 line. Flexibility and upgradability (the ability to mix and match interface types) make the Juniper Networks ACX Series Universal Metro Routers ideal for a wide range of use cases.

ACX Series Product Family

ACX Series Universal Metro Routers offer a wide range of metro solutions, including the ACX500, ACX1000, ACX2000, and ACX4000, as well as the ACX5000 and ACX6000 lines. The ACX6000 line includes two models, each targeted at different applications:

  • ACX6160: The ACX6160 Optical Transport provides full OpenROADMcompatible transponder support for metro packet optical transport applications in a 1 U platform. As a pure transparent transponder, the ACX6160 supports eight quad small form-factor pluggable transceiver QSFP28 100GbE/OTU4 client interfaces and four 100 Gbps/200 Gbps CFP2-DCO line-side interfaces. OpenROADM-compatible APIs provide fully compliant third-party controller support along with HG-FEC-compliant interfaces, enabling true interoperable transponder functionality.
  • ACX6360: The ACX6360 Universal Metro Router allows operators to seamlessly collapse secure packet optical transport layers and IP/MPLS networking layers into a single platform. Powered by the latest Juniper Networks ExpressPlus™ silicon running at 3.6 Tbps, the ACX6360 supports 20 QSFP28 100GbE interfaces and eight 100 Gbps/200 Gbps CFP2-DCO interfaces, providing a secure IEEE 802.1AE/802.1X industry-compliant 256AES MACsec-encrypted solution for pervasive security across IP and optical.

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